Tefillah Options

Current Tefillah Options in the Upper School

Main Minyan, Daily
Regular minyan with a medium pace, in the Upper School Beit Midrash. (Rabbi Trencher)

Kavannah Minyan, Non-Layning Days
This is a minyan with a slower pace for those want more time to say the words more slowly and have extra time to think about their meanings during Tefillah. To facilitate the pace, the minyan starts with Mizmor Shir at 8:15am and ends at around the same time as the main minyan (8:45ish). (Rabbi Grosberg)

Quiet Minyan, Non-Layning Days
This is a minyan with a quicker pace for those who like a fast, efficient, silent davening. Because it runs faster and is quiet, students need to be in by 8:20 am and be committed to no talking at all. (Mr. Berenson)

NCSY Power Minyan, Non-Layning Days
This is a straightforward davening with additional divrei Tefillah and inspirational thoughts given by Rabbi Aryeh Wielgus of NCSY. (Rabbi Wielgus)

Dveykus Explanatory Davening, Fridays
For students who want to learn more about Tefillah and gain additional perspectives, this group provides a lot of explanations and discussion. (Rabbi Buxbaum)

Girls’ Davening Group, Non-Layning Days
In this group, everyone davens quietly to themselves at their own pace. Group members are committed to davening and then remaining in the room until 8:40 am. (Mrs. Isser)

Women’s Tefillah Group, Rosh Chodesh
This group meets on the Rosh Chodesh (or the first day when there are two days). Girls have the opportunity to lead the davening and read from the Torah and daven and sign together. Typically, there is a musical Hallel as well. (Mrs. Roberts)

Lower School Davening Assistants, Daily
Upper School girls may apply to be placed in Lower School classrooms to assist with Tefillah for the younger students. These students commit to being in the Lower School classrooms by 8:15 am daily and to serving as role models for the Lower School students. (Mrs. Israel)

Middle School Davening Helpers, Thursdays
Upper School girls and boys may apply to help set the proper tone for davening in the Middle School. (Rabbi Oron)

Bh”b Minyan, Special Schedule
On the first Monday, Thursday, and Monday of Cheshvan and Iyar, students who are interested can participate in a longer davening with special Selichot to support the spiritual and physical well-being of the Jewish people. (Rabbi Grosberg)