Wednesday Study Period

The 2017–2018 school year is the third year in which we will be running a Study Period in the Upper School. This period is once per week, after lunch on Wednesdays, during which students are encouraged to meet with teachers, collaborate with peers, and/or work on school-related projects and assignments. We have used feedback from students and teachers to develop a mission statement for the Study Period as well as a new set of procedures that we hope will make this time even more purposeful and productive.

Mission Statement:

The purpose of the study period is to provide students and teachers a precious opportunity to meet with each other in order for students to receive guidance, help, clarification, or advice about class or classwork. This is a time when teachers have no other duties and students do not have other obligations and both are free to meet. Additionally, the study period affords students the opportunity to work together, either as peer helpers or on collaborative projects.  

Teachers and students may work one-on-one or in small groups, as the situation demands. If a teacher does not have a particular request for a meeting, he or she will have open office hours and will encourage students to meet during that time. Because teachers from the same department will share rooms, there is also the opportunity for teachers and students of different classes to help each other as appropriate.  

Department Study Period Office Locations
Mathematics Room 321 Tanakh Room 303
English Room 308 Talmud Room 319
History Room 304 Hebrew Room 316
Science Room 318


Ninth Graders:

During the first semester, freshmen will be assigned to proctored study hall in their third period classroom and with their third period teacher. (9th graders will thus be in rooms 305, 320, 323, and 325. Sulam students who are not in a general Berman class report to room 305.) After semester 1, students who are struggling academically will continue in proctored study hall while others will be free to work/study elsewhere.

The proctored study hall rooms are intended to be quiet, individual study spaces. Teachers who are proctoring, however, should feel free to work quietly with students in the front of the room.

Students are permitted to use technology and proctors will encourage students to use devices for assignments or school projects.

At the start of the study period, all freshmen report to their study hall rooms where attendance will be taken. All students, even if they will be going to meet with at teacher or work with a tutor, will first report to their proctored study hall room and check in with the proctor. Students who are planning to meet with a teacher or tutor will present the proctor with a “Student Period Meeting Confirmation” note signed by the teacher or tutor and will then go to their meetings.

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