Dress Code Reminders

Click here for information on where to purchase women’s clothing that complies with Berman’s dress code.

The Berman Upper School Dress Code

The Torah considers an individual’s appearance to be a reflection of his/her sense of קדושה and צלם אלוקים. As such, the Berman dress code reflects the school’s commitment to these Torah values, and the concepts of צניעות and כבוד הבריות. The dress code helps to create an environment in the Upper School that reflects our values as Orthodox Jews and our respect for our educational environment.

We are aware that the issue of dress code is a sensitive one for our students. Therefore, we appreciate that parents support the school in fostering a positive, respectful, and respectable educational atmosphere.

This dress code applies to all Berman students (including seniors through graduation day) on all school days including midterms, finals, AP exam days, study days, and field trip days. The extracurricular dress code also applies to all attendees of school events such as athletic events, and attendees of rehearsals and participants of rehearsals, performances and practices.

Dress Code for Boys

ציצית are required
No piercings allowed
No permanent tattoos allowed


  • Full button-down or three button polo shirts must have sleeves and fold-over collars; Turtlenecks are allowed in place of a buttoned shirt  
  • Button-down shirts may have two buttons unbuttoned, provided there is a t-shirt with a ribbed collar underneath
  • Pullover hooded or zippered sweatshirts are allowed with collared shirt, as per above, underneath; the hood of hooded sweatshirts or hooded shirts does not qualify as a collar
  • Sport jerseys are not allowed



  • כיפות must be worn at all times
  • No hats, except for those worn as a בגד המיוחד לתפילה during davening
  • Hair must be of a length that is both neat and presentable, reflecting the basic appearance of a בן תורה, including sideburns (פאות) of proper length – No excessively long hair
  • No dyed hair – any color



  • The tops of the pants are to be worn above the hips
  • Denim jeans of any color are not permitted
  • No drawstring or elastic bottom pants/joggers
  • No breakaway, pajama, sweat, or ragged pants
  • Pants are unacceptable when ripped, oversized, too tight, discolored or washed out



  • Boys are required to wear shoes and socks while in school
  • No pool shoes or flip flops
  • Walking sandals or clogs allowed with socks


Gym – Students must be in regular dress code at all times outside of the gym or fields.

  • כיפות required
  • Sneakers with rubber soles; socks required
  • Shorts or sweatpants
  • Tank-tops allowed


Playing Ball During Lunch / Free Periods

  • כיפות required
  • T-shirts permitted (no tank-tops)


Dress Code: for Girls

Appropriate piercings in the ear only (e.g. No industrials or gauges)
No permanent tattoos allowed


  • Should reach below the knee when seated (The top of a slit is considered the bottom of the skirt)
  • Please note that how a student sits in class is included in dress code.  Knees should be covered at all times, even when sitting in class or walking up the stairs.  If the skirt rides up, it is not acceptable.
  • Offensive writing or images on the skirts is prohibited
  • Skirts may not be form fitting, tight or see-through.
  • No pajamas or sweats under skirts.  Leggings are permitted.

Please note that skirts above the knees while standing will always be considered out of dress code. If a student is wearing clothing as noted above, this should not be an issue.



  • Blouses and tops must be opaque
  • Tops may not be form fitting
  • Necklines must be near the collarbone
  • Sleeves may not be higher than a טפח (one’s own fist length) above the bend of the inner elbow
  • Tops should be long enough that midriffs not show during normal activity. “Shirts must meet skirts” at all times
  • Hooded and collared sweatshirts, and sweaters are acceptable tops
  • Zippered sweatshirts require an acceptable top underneath
  • T-shirts allowed provided they do not display inappropriate material



  • Appropriate and practical hats may be worn
  • Hairstyles must be appropriate for school. Dyed hair allowed only in natural colors



  • Shoes must be worn
  • Slides and sandals permitted
  • No slippers or thong sandals.  However, flip-flops that are neither shower shoes nor ones you would wear in the water are permitted.


Gym – Students must be in regular dress code at all times outside of the gym, fields, or dance class.

  • Sneakers with rubber soles, socks
  • Shorts or sweatpants. Shorts must be knee-length
  • Appropriate t-shirts


Athletic Programs – Team Sports

  • Appropriate footwear, socks
  • Practices: Appropriate t-shirts (not tank tops), knee-length shorts
  • Games/Meets: School provided jerseys with sleeves down, knee-length shorts


Where To Buy Clothing

In addition to a number of local stores that often sell dress code appropriate clothing (such as Forever 21, H & M, Nordstroms, Zara, Marshalls, etc.), some online retailers that often have acceptable clothing items include modli.co, doubleheaderusa.comjunees.comklozklozet.com, mimumaxi.com, wukogals.com, and koshercasual.com.

Dress Code – Semi-Formal and Extra-Curricular

Semi-Formal Dress Code (special occasions)


  • Neat slacks only
  • Full button-down shirts only
  • Shoes with socks only – no sandals, clogs, sneakers



  • No t-shirts or sweatshirts
  • No jean skirts
  • No walking sandals allowed


Extra-curricular Dress Code (off-hours)


  • Jeans allowed
  • T-shirts allowed
  • Tank tops not allowed
  • Footwear follows in-school policies
  • כיפות or hats required
  • ציצית required
  • No piercings, or jewelry resembling that for a piercing


  • Non form-fitting pants/sweats allowed
  • Tops follow in-school policies

All students should change for gym in the appropriate locker room. Athletes who leave the building early for a competition are expected to do the same.


Dress Code: Consequences

Please check the student handbook for more information. We will be continuing our program this year of texting and emailing students reported out of dress code as well as emailing parents as well. If this occurs seven times during the school year, a student will serve an in-school suspension. We believe that this should be an exceptional occurrence, since six warnings should provide ample opportunity for a student to adjust his/her dress.

Town Hall

This year, we are excited to be piloting a Town Hall in the Upper School. The Town Hall will take place in the Upper School Beit Midrash for 20 minutes every Friday after Tefillah. The goal of the Town Hall is to create and promote a sense of community and provide a forum for students and teachers to have a voice within the community. As such, the Town Hall will feature both discussions on community issues as well as opportunities for announcements and presentations on activities and events relevant to school and student life.

The Town Hall will always begin with a short, student-delivered D’var Torah, followed by a welcome and short presentation from the Student Council President. After this, the Town Hall will adopt one of two formats:

  • A group conversation around community issues
  • A presentation and announcement format highlighting upcoming or timely events/activities/topics

Group Conversation Format:
Students and faculty will be able to submit topics to discuss at the Town Hall Meeting, and the Student Council, together with the administration, will choose a topic for the group conversation. Students will make brief presentations, and then the floor will be open to students. The Student Council will follow up on the topic with the administration at their next meeting.

Presentation and Announcement Format:
Club advisors and leaders as well as faculty will be invited to make presentations and announcements. These announcements would include, for example: a sports team sharing their recent standings as well as an invitation to an upcoming game, a brief announcement about an upcoming fundraiser for a club, an announcement about a new club that’s starting, a short “skit” of a scene from HADAS player to entice students to come to an upcoming play, a teacher and/or students presenting about a recent accomplishment (such as the awards won from the Statistics class), news from the Israel Action Committee about recent occurrences in Israel with next steps (such as, “come write a letter to your congressman during breakfast today in the cafeteria”), a Siyum made by a class on the completion of a Seder of Mishna, presentation of Merit Semifinalists from the administration, etc.

We are excited about the Town Hall idea, and we are looking forward to using the next few months to pilot this program, assess the results, and make adjustments—to build a stronger community in the Berman Upper School.


Wednesday Study Period

The 2017–2018 school year is the third year in which we will be running a Study Period in the Upper School. This period is once per week, after lunch on Wednesdays, during which students are encouraged to meet with teachers, collaborate with peers, and/or work on school-related projects and assignments. We have used feedback from students and teachers to develop a mission statement for the Study Period as well as a new set of procedures that we hope will make this time even more purposeful and productive.

Mission Statement:

The purpose of the study period is to provide students and teachers a precious opportunity to meet with each other in order for students to receive guidance, help, clarification, or advice about class or classwork. This is a time when teachers have no other duties and students do not have other obligations and both are free to meet. Additionally, the study period affords students the opportunity to work together, either as peer helpers or on collaborative projects.  

Teachers and students may work one-on-one or in small groups, as the situation demands. If a teacher does not have a particular request for a meeting, he or she will have open office hours and will encourage students to meet during that time. Because teachers from the same department will share rooms, there is also the opportunity for teachers and students of different classes to help each other as appropriate.  

Department Study Period Office Locations
Mathematics Room 321 Tanakh Room 303
English Room 308 Talmud Room 319
History Room 304 Hebrew Room 316
Science Room 318


Ninth Graders:

During the first semester, freshmen will be assigned to proctored study hall in their third period classroom and with their third period teacher. (9th graders will thus be in rooms 305, 320, 323, and 325. Sulam students who are not in a general Berman class report to room 305.) After semester 1, students who are struggling academically will continue in proctored study hall while others will be free to work/study elsewhere.

The proctored study hall rooms are intended to be quiet, individual study spaces. Teachers who are proctoring, however, should feel free to work quietly with students in the front of the room.

Students are permitted to use technology and proctors will encourage students to use devices for assignments or school projects.

At the start of the study period, all freshmen report to their study hall rooms where attendance will be taken. All students, even if they will be going to meet with at teacher or work with a tutor, will first report to their proctored study hall room and check in with the proctor. Students who are planning to meet with a teacher or tutor will present the proctor with a “Student Period Meeting Confirmation” note signed by the teacher or tutor and will then go to their meetings.

Student Clubs and New Projects

Ellie RieselWe are pleased to announce that Ellie Riesel is taking on the role of Coordinator of Student Clubs and Special Projects for the 2017–2018 school year. Ellie joins Rabbi Moshe Grosberg, our Director of Student Activities, and Miriam Zaghi, Assistant Director of Student Activities, in helping us to expand and enhance our extracurricular offerings as the Upper School continues to grow.

Mrs. Riesel will be overseeing all student clubs, new and old. These include:

  • Girls’ and Boys’ Choirs
  • HADAS (Dramatic Arts Society)
  • Israel Action Committee
  • Model UN
  • Mock Trial
  • Newspaper
  • Math Leagues
  • Peer Counselors
  • Political Action Club
  • Yearbook

We are also working to start a number of new clubs, including a debate team, chess club, and later this year, an intramural basketball league. Additionally, Ms. Norma Johnson will be spearheading two new initiatives, including:

  • the formation of a club devoted to linking our students to under-served, vulnerable populations and providing them with community service opportunities with that group, and
  • a club that brings together our students with a teen population that is culturally different from ours (such as the Muslim American teen community) to foster greater understanding

Mrs. Riesel will be working closely with students to build up our clubs program, and she will also be a resource to students who have particular interests and want to start new clubs and special interest groups.

Moshe GrosbergMrs. Riesel will also be implementing additional school culture activities, such as Rosh Chodesh events. These will build on the annual events and programs run by Rabbi Grosberg and Ms. Zaghi, which include:

  • Orientation and BBQ
  • Kickoff
  • Chanuka Chagiga
  • School Shabbaton
  • Tzedaka Auction
  • Purim Mesiba
  • Miriam ZaghiDay of Service
  • Battle of the Grades
  • Yom Ha’atzma’ut BBQ
  • Yimei Iyun

We also plan on once again running a Mental Health Awareness Day coordinated by our new guidance counselors.

In addition to her role with student clubs, Mrs. Riesel will also be:

  • Maintaining all of the Upper School calendars, scheduling events, and communicating calendar matters to faculty
  • Overseeing the coordination of field trips
  • Overseeing grade advisors
  • Coordinating our Community Service program

We are excited to have Mrs. Riesel join our team in her capacity, and together with Rabbi Grosberg, Mrs. Zaghi, and Ms. Johnson, we are confident that we will have a robust extracurricular program for the upcoming school year.